Help Name The Next Hurricane

In class we went over several videos with various points of persuasion and how company’s can use adds to help portray a product and how it would deliberately show a certain life style association. For this blog I choose to highlight an add made by for a petition they ran to have hurricanes named after politicians that have apposed accepting climate change as an actual scientifically proven phenomenon and are so called “climate deniers”.

This video just like the ones watched in class help frame what will happen in the future especially as climate change intensifies and people oppose the collaboration of stopping this effect. This video is the best of both worlds, not only does it raise awareness for the disastrous effects of climate change to specifically our country but it also highlights politicians that do not accept scientific research ( not including the Hartland institute publishing’s) backing the creation of this phenomenon and linking it to our own actions. Although the petition was started long ago you can still sign up on the second link attached below.

Regarding climate change, since the start of the industrial revolution(1750) we have been able to see a huge spike in carbon dioxide molecules in our atmosphere, Specifically the range from around 200 parts per million to roughly 400 parts per million. This is problematic, even though for our planet to function properly we do need carbon dioxide for several systems the amount we have accumulated is overloading and to excess. Thus it is very important we push our government and political figures to properly diver us from further storms and if they do not agree in the mean time get peoples attention on this matter by as mentioned using politicians names to be used to track hurricanes.

Aras Klimas


3 thoughts on “Help Name The Next Hurricane

  1. This ad strikes the viewer with emotions everyone feels when a hurricane hits the United States. actually like the idea when I first heard about it. I like how it is comedic, easy to become involved with, calls politicians out, and forces people to think. I am not quite sure if naming hurricanes after anti-climate-change politicians will change those politicians’ minds about the matter, but I do think it will effect their popularity so much that they will not be re elected.

    Gretchen Marie Semancik


  2. I think this is interesting for the fact that it brings attention to the sad fact that many politicians refuse to address climate change because they are afraid of how acknowledgement may decrease their approval among voters. This is ridiculous, because the ‘leaders’ are ignoring the greatest problem of our generation. More action on behalf of our leaders is definitely necessary.

    Tessa Ward


  3. It is unbelievable to me that there are still so many climate deniers out there that are unwilling to witness the Earth’s changing ecosystem. On the topic of hurricanes, with an increase in global temperatures, hurricanes will become more frequent and severe because of the warmer ocean waters that the storms use for fuel. This was evident about a month ago when the largest tropical storm in documented history reached the Pacific Coast of Mexico. The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean, so for that water to be getting warm enough to support large storms, is a concerning development.

    John Casnellie


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