Plastic the best idea ever right?

Plastic is a interesting subject in my mind. Its so useful. Think about in your daily life how many times you come into contact with plastic? From water bottles to packaging for products. Some of us recycle it so it can be reused. But many people don’t recycle it. Third world country’s and even the united states people just toss it on the ground. Now im not saying littering is good but at least with paper products it can be decomposed unlike plastic. Plastic will not dissolve in your life time or even your kids. Often plastic ends up in water ways. Our water ways like rivers lead to the ocean. Startling enough there are hug piles of plastic that gather together in the ocean. This is a real environmental issue. From pollution of the water to killing sea animals. The United States would be fullish to think they can handle this issue by themselves. WE need a world wide push to reduce the amount of plastic consumed. One way we can do this is reduce the amount of plastic by switching over to paper. Something as simple as the bags we use at the grocery. Another thing we could do in developed countrys is the use of refillable water bottles. And recycling more. We need to educate countrys and get them on bored. Groups of people have tried to tackle the problem of plastic in the ocean. But in my opinion they have failed. The issue has not been solved. With out support from many country’s you fight a loosing battle. If the people put pressure on the businesses that produce or use these good, they will change to make money. next time you toss a peice of plastic on the ground think to yourself, where will this end up? Will i be killing animal?

Josh Bertke


7 thoughts on “Plastic the best idea ever right?

  1. plastic is definitely killing animals and hurting our environment. We have been struggling to fix this problem for years, but haven’t seem to have been able to come up with anything drastically useful. We need to make plastic less available and find other materials to use that are less harmful. We all need to do our part to help.
    Kristin Mathis


  2. I never thought about how much harm plastic truly does until our class on Thursday and doing further research. My family has been recycling for a long time, but I hate to say that it probably doesn’t make a huge difference when we think about how much per day is being wasted. I agree, it will definitely take more than just our country to get anywhere with this problem.

    Jane Gripshover


  3. Great article, I think its important to switch from plastics to papers as fast as possible despite their huge integration in society, not only would we help stop pollution and trashing the globe but reduced plastic use would also lead to a decrease in oil being used to synthesize the compound. Unfortunately we would have to look into how we get our paper for trash so we wouldn’t increase or continue deforestation the rain forests of this globe.
    Aras Klimas


  4. Very interesting. It’s interesting to see how millions, maybe even billions, of people can go through their daily lives without even thinking for a second about how such simple choices can ultimately impact the environment. I also agree with you in the fact that the problem has not even begun to be resolved, and that it’s a worldwide problem. However, our country in particular is behind in a lot of ways.

    Colleen Crawford


  5. Plastic is one thing that drives me insane. I always turn down getting plastic bags at stores and refuse to drink water bottles. But I won’t lie, plastic is a amazing thing, that is if use right. Things like storage containers and such I believe is ok. But that frail thin weak plastic, oh no, get that stuff outta here.

    Danny Wells


  6. Plastic is such a great thing to have in our everyday lives but wow is it destructive to our planet if not taken care of properly. I’ve personally seen the results plastic can cause on animals and the environment and it’s absolutely devastating to see. Saying the United States needs to partner a world wide movement is a great point and something that needs to happen 20 years ago. I hope it can get rolling soon. Overall great post!

    Michael Guidugli


  7. I like the idea of switching from plastic to paper. Often it is not enough to just get the plastic in a trashcan, the entire problem revolves around the existence of plastic. And it seems like plastic is one thing you can’t escape from. It is all over, from our produce to our cars, our clothes… everything.

    Rachel Keathley


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