Trash Shoes?

I know you all are probably thinking, what in the world are trash shoes? If some of you have not heard, Adidas has partnered up with an organization titled, “Parley for the Oceans,” in an effort to raise awareness of all the pollution in the ocean; which we learned in class, is building up. Adidas has designed a shoe prototype that’s upper part is made out of recycled sea trash, such as plastics and other garbage that is found in the ocean and also illegal deep-sea gillnets which were retrieved from an illegal poaching vessel; the shoes have soles made out of other sustainable materials. About 705,000 tons of the debris in the ocean are made up of fishnets, and up to 750,000 bits of microplastic are collected in a square kilometer of the ocean, which is about 1.9 million bits in a square mile. If this shoe could cut down on the garbage in the ocean, it would not only help our environment, but would also help reduce the amount of deaths of sea mammals and be  beneficial to their environment as well. Another step Adidas is taking to help with the project, is they announced that they are going to start “phasing” out the use of plastic bags in their retail stores.

The shoes currently do not have a name or may be released in a slightly different form than the prototype and also does not have a set release date yet; however I think that it is great that Adidas is taking the initiative and raising awareness for this growing problem and honestly the shoes are not too bad on the eyes.

Jane Gripshover


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6 thoughts on “Trash Shoes?

  1. I love this idea, Great article, I think recycling waste, especially the waste in the ocean is an awesome product to have out there. I think once this shoe takes off this concept will become a standard for brands to market, once one brand markets it and gains the Eco friendly market many other brands will also want to incorporate this idea. Hopefully we can also make the technological advances to refine these plastics without using oil thus making it much more sustainable.
    Aras Klimas


  2. This was a very interesting article and something that I did not know about beforehand. I love the initiative that Adidas is taking in reducing ocean pollution, and It would be amazing if other companies could follow their lead in some way. I think that this is just one thing that can be done to begin minimizing this problem, but there is still a lot of other things that need to be done in order to see progress.

    Colleen Crawford


  3. I like the idea but I still think that the production process of the shoe will ultimately hurt the environment more than actually help it. In order for these shoes to made at an affordable cost, something along the production line has to be anti “green”.
    -Spencer Clark


  4. The idea of these shoes is really cool and draws the customer in by its unconventional materials the shoes are made out of; however, I am not completely sold on the idea. It is great to clean the ocean and try to reuse that trash instead of creating new plastics, but it still does not resolve the issue of people’s and companies’ over use of products with plastics and the actual production process.

    Gretchen Marie Semancik


  5. I had no idea Adidas was as green as you described! That’s an awesome idea and a great design. It’s sad that the deep sea gillnets are involved in the poaching but the fact that they can turn that into a positive is really impressive. It’s not a lot but it’s a start and any large company willing to take the initiative is going to start a wave. Great job Adidas and great post!

    Michael Guidugli


  6. This is a great idea to lower pollution in the ocean. Especially if they make them a nice quality that lasts. Its crazy to see the amount of square miles our pollution covers in the ocean and the endless marine life being killed by our wrong doing.

    Mitch Jackson


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