Call me crazy but I’m making money.

So guys, guess what. I got this awesome idea to make money fast.Since last week we talked about people going green cause it’s cool I say we make a “green” product and get people to buy it. But wait for it, spoilers!!! It’s isn’t green to make it! But they’ll never know, it’ll be our little secret ;).

That is how I feel some companies are, save for you know, telling you it’s not green. For example, I can’t remember the name of the company but there was a car company that made a “green” car that really wasn’t. It had a micro chip in it that when the (car tester people????) ran the test to check it’s emissions it would make the car run green. But once it was actually on the road it wasn’t. Had something to do with knowing if it was actually driving or on the wheel thing that lets you floor it while staying in place. And since we’re on the topic of cars, I know some cars that even though that are eco friendly, making them is not. It’s kinda interesting people are hiding behind this glass wall of “Hey, we’re helping the environment! Buy our stuff!”. And I’m sure it isn’t just with cars.

It makes you wonder. Do companies really care? Or is this another scam to make more money. But I guess it’s like the saying, “If it’s on the internet it must be true.”

Danny Wells


5 thoughts on “Call me crazy but I’m making money.

  1. This happened with Volkswagen’s diesel vehicles recently. Under normal driving conditions, the car’s computer would tune the engine to use more fuel and create more power, decreasing gas mileage (the whole point of owning a diesel car), and basically proving that the mpg estimates were way off. However, when the cars went to get smog tested, the car somehow knows it is being tested, and retunes the engine for better mileage. Basically a device that allowed VW to lie about their mpg

    Ben Haynes


  2. I also thought about writing my blog on the automotive companies. Companies like Nissan make the Prius, but you better believe that in order to make all of the parts that they’ll be using less-than eco-friendly materials, just like you said!
    Allison Jermer


  3. You make a good point about companies caring for its consumers. They put on a show for us telling us how great their products are, how helpful they can be and if they are environmentally friendly. They trick us into thinking we are “going green” when in reality the only green here is going into their pockets.

    Mitch Jackson


  4. It wasn’t only Volkswagen, they were just the first. There were many car companies later exposed of doing the same or similar things to get better results. They were Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Opel.

    Ben Brookhart


  5. I really like this, its a good eye catcher. I eel like every company does this though. Even if the product is super “green” you still have to wonder how it was made and if the product is actually worth it to buy.

    Eli Farmer


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