Give Extra, Get ExtraAllison

In class we obviously talked about all of the “green” media and how it affects us and why companies are moving toward these kinds of advertisements. I truthfully never really noticed it very much, but now I have seen them in almost every commercial. In nearly every commercial there is either nature-as-backdrop, green product attributes, green image, or environmental advocacy. I’m not saying that this is necessarily a negative or bad thing, however many of these companies lie. For example, the commercial that we saw in class about Dasani, although not technically false advertising, was not entirely truthful. In the above commercial for Extra chewing gum, I don’t believe that there is really any false advertising but it caught my eye on the television the other day because it frequently uses nature as a back drop. In the commercial, two people meet and he gives her Extra chewing gum. They start dating and in every date they are chewing Extra. In all of their dates there is a natural backdrop and at one point they’re picnicking and it seems that if you chew Extra gum that you will fall in love with your significant other and frolic in fields of flowers. Not to mention that the actual packaging of Extra gum is green, this may be because of the Spearmint flavoring but there is a picture of a spearmint leaf so they are still referring to the product as natural in some way.

Allison Jermer


One thought on “Give Extra, Get ExtraAllison

  1. This particular commercial has become very popular recently and I have to admit that I am also guilty of loving it. There are many tactics the producers used to convince us to buy this product, but the nature as a backdrop is a huge influential factor. As you said, the packaging itself has a spearmint leaf on it indicating that this gum is made from natural ingredients. The commercial only reinforces this more by showing beautiful landscapes in the background as the couple enjoys their Extra gum. A lot of natural or green messages are implied in this ad, but they do not outright claim these statements and so I cannot say that it is necessarily false advertising as well.

    Ashley Stieber


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