Going Green for the Win

Going green is something a lot of people and companies have heard of but rarely do something about. It seems as if people are more worried about thinking they are helping the environment rather than actually helping. Luckily for those types of people there are people and companies actually taking the initiative to ensure that going green is a thing now and continues to be a movement for years to come. According to Newsweek the top ten green companies in the United States in 2015 are actually filled with well known companies we use everyday. They include Hershey, Coca Cola, Adobe, Biogen, and Alfac. Seeing such well known companies on that list gives a comforting feeling knowing that they’re not all about making a profit but are able to help the world out in such a significant way. 

Coca Cola was the one I was most surprised to see in the top 10. I wasn’t entirely sure how they could help go green but just this year they have already done their part and then some. According to Go-green.ae, Coca Cola has redesigned their cans that uses 5% less aluminum than traditional cans and will result in saving 15,000 tonnes of aluminum. And taking away aluminum from the environment is better for the atmosphere as there will be less carbon dioxide realeased into the environment. Also this new can is less than 0.1 mm thick (the width of a human hair) will result in cutting the carbon footprint by 78,000 tonnes per year, the same as taking nearly 20,000 cars off the road!

This company is really taking going green to heart and it’s amazing to see such a huge impact being made by just one company. One company helping the world is just a start though and if companies have the opportunity to go green in just a slight manner, that would greatly increase the world’s green footprint. I understand that new or small companies may not have the luxury to, but large companies profiting in millions and billions of dollars can certainly afford to cut back a little to help the world. Coca Cola is a great example, they make billions of dollars but understand that the world needs attention as well. A great company to model for sure.

Michael Guidugli




3 thoughts on “Going Green for the Win

  1. It is nice to see companies stepping up to combat climate change. I am surprised that more companies aren’t willing to pursure the green industry. There is a large untapped market in the technologies used to generate a more renewable resources so you would think companies would be willing to invest in a market with great potential for expansion.


  2. With so many companies basically false advertising “going green” just to get the attention of society, it’s nice to see companies are actually doing it and proving it to the public. And Coca-Cola doesn’t even flaunt it as much as so many other companies do like Starbucks whose stats don’t even compare to these.
    Molly Albright


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