The End of the Fossil Fuel Era

As of late the world is becoming more and more aware of the terrible truth that carbon emissions being pumped into our atmosphere are causing serious changed in the earth’s climate.  The world has always been getting hotter, but the rate in which the earth has been heating since the last two centuries is quite alarming.  According to Bill Nye, there are 5 things that we need to realize about climate change to realize how big of a problem that the heating of the globe is.  Number one: We need to realize how thin the atmosphere is.  Its only about 60 miles from earth to space.  Some people take this for granted and think that there is hundreds of miles separating us from space.  In reality all that separates us is 100 kilometers.  Number two: The fact that there are 7.3 billion people on our planet breathing and giving off waste can have a major impact on how the earth heats up.  Number 3: Not only is the heat energy in the atmosphere heating things up, it is having a dramatic impact on the make up of certain things in the world.  Like number four, which is the melting of our ice caps, causing the ocean to get larger and larger.  It won’t be a long time until certain places that we know and love on the coast will be under water.  The final thing that we must realize about carbon emissions is that there was a point in time where there were may more carbon oxides in the atmosphere and the earth was definitely warmer, but the rate in which the world is heating up has never moved at such an intense rate.

Samuel Souders


2 thoughts on “The End of the Fossil Fuel Era

  1. I think that the U.S. as a society is getting greener, but not at the pace that we need to be. Our country uses the most energy on the planet, and are one the largest contributors to global warming. But I think that our society won’t actually make a real push to a greener lifestyle until we start seeing real consequences of our emissions, which then it will be too late.

    Ben Brookhart


  2. This was interesting to read. I never realized how close we were to space but while i was reading this all i could think of was what’s the solution? What are we supposed to do about the 7.3 billion people living in earth? Or the fact that out ice caps are melting? Hopefully they find one soon.

    Olivia Spencer


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