The Need to Go Green

As we see more environmental issues coming to play in today’s everyday world, we will start to see them becoming more of social issues. Once these issues are being talked about on a social level, everyone seems to get involved. We will see the businesses that are tangled in the problem start defending their side and even the media will get involved. We like to think that the media is on our side but do we really know? The media seems to defend those in power, and as our reading says the media will follow calls for change, but won’t lead those calls for change. The media plays a huge role in how we communicate about our environment and health. In a way the media controls social changes, if it differs slightly from the status quo the media will fight it. In this way the fight to go green will be an uphill battle, where we need to get support from people of power, and then get the media to support it.

Since our society is facing a ‘green’ shift, businesses and companies are looking for ways to appeal more to that demographic. If we look at the Volkswagen emission scandal, we can see that they wanted to appeal more to the green demographic, so they lied about how green they actually were. Volkswagen is being accused of putting a device in their diesel cars, called a defeat device, that could detect when the cars were being tested so then they would change the performance of the vehicles to improve the test results. Volkswagen had been marketing in the United States recently about how their cars beat other cars with its low emission. Right now they believe that there are over 11 million cars on the road today with this device. The worst part about this device is that once cars are out of the test lab, their engines emitted nitrogen oxide up to 40 times above what is allowed in the United States. With this most recent scandal VW has the lost the trust of a lot of customers, therefore showing the cost of wanting to be green. As we see this trend to go green emerge more in the next years, we will probably see a change in how the media depicts going green, making it more of the status quo.


By Ryan Raab



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