Tyson and the green washing loopholes of the company’s products

As someone who usually consumes a lot of Tyson products (eggs, chicken, and milk) I have noticed some strange labeling from a brand that is notorious for not having the healthiest products due to mass production and over harvesting of foods. when looking at the large 60 pack of eggs I buy from Kroger I see a organic and no antibiotic label on the top of the crate. After researching this I was able to see that this claim is “true” through a loophole. This loophole is is where eggs are given antibiotics and growth factors in the ovum, which is a prior step to the formation of the egg so technically the loophole shows the eggs never where given antibiotics or growth factors. Along with this loophole, chicken can also be labeled as organic even though it receives all antibiotics, growth hormones and anabolic growth androgen’s in the egg before they hatch thus qualifying the food as organic and antibiotic free.

Tyson is not the only corporation changing their image while also continuing to use this loophole to mask what there product actually should be categorized as. Several other company’s doing this including Purdue Foods have also adapted this loophole labeling several items at  natural, with no antibiotics or growth-factors when in reality it is the opposite and still on the same chemically enhanced level as the non natural product.

Even this advertisement above shows the green washing that Tyson is using with this loophole on their products. In the video above they label chicken nuggets, the food that uses the scraps of other cuts of food maimed into a paste and then highly processed until put into a shape of a small rounded rectangular patty, and labeling them as delicious and natural even though this is filled with lots of growth factor androgen’s and antibiotics, along with sterilizing agents such as ammonia to make the products chances of transferring salmonella lower. So looking back on the eggs and chicken I purchase, yes “technically” it is natural but in reality its still in the same league as other brands not labeling natural antibiotic free produce.

Aras Klimas





2 thoughts on “Tyson and the green washing loopholes of the company’s products

  1. Unfortunately there are several of these such labels. ‘Gluten free’, ‘All-natural’, ‘Non-GMO’, etc. all have these loopholes for each of the many products that are marketed with these labels.

    Tessa Ward


  2. Honestly, it makes me so mad to watch these advertisements. I watched a documentary about Tyson and it never fails to shock me with everything that they somehow manage to get away with. The fact that they sell chicken nuggets as something healthy and delicious for children is ridiculous.

    Megan DeBanto


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