Green washing


Green washing, is the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service (Terra choice, 2009) All you see now o while watching TV are advertisements, and mostly all of those advertisements have something in them regarding how their product is better for the environment. We believe everything that is put out in front of us as the public, and never really take the time to dig deep to find the truth behind anything that is put in front of our own two eyes.

I went home this past weekend, and my mom and I went grocery shopping together. We went to Walmart and she was getting all the usual things, such as milk, bread, fruit, your standard grocery list. We were walking through the cleaning supplies aisle and she started to look at all the different options. I looked at her and said, “mom why don’t you just pick one? They are basically all the same.” She responded, “No I want to get one the is better for the environment, and not so harsh.” I stood there and it really clicked, the idea of green washing. I told her that it was a scam to buy that because odds are its not much better for the environment than the regular one.

While I watch commercial after commercial I see all the different types of green washing being put to use, and it works. It is the big trend right now, Go Green, save the environment, make the world beautiful. Everyone wants to be on top of the trends, so they soak in all of these adds and go out any buy the products that claim to be better for the environment. Overall, as a society we need to do a better job in finding the truth. Advertisements are so powerful, and control a person more that they want to admit. We need to try to break the green washing mold, and learn what is really helpful for the environment.

Courtney Zimpfer


4 thoughts on “Green washing

  1. I really like this post because it is such a perfect example of how we unconsciously buy products without thinking about what they are really standing for and how they are misleading us. I know I am guilty of this and after listening in class and watching the videos. I now am more aware of the tricks that companies are using to sell their products. After class I took the time to look up Johnson and Johnson’s claims about using greener products. I found that they do have green buildings, boxes, and bottles. Now is this true? or is it just a way to get consumers to buy their product?

    Gabby Hirlinger


  2. I personally prefer Suave Men as my hair product, but none the less, companies are always abusing their popularity. The big companies like Johnson and Johnson, tide, and other daily household tools are broadcasting their products like mother nature have made the products themselves. I bet most Americans don’t know that plastic can only be recycled a certain amount of times because it’s rendered useless.

    Joseph Hu


  3. This is so true. When I go grocery shopping I have to stand in the aisle, reading the backs of products to see how safe they actually are. It is tiring and time consuming, and half the time I still don’t understand what the labels mean. Many people don’t want to waste their time doing this every week, either. Companies take advantage of this with big green logos and phrases like “future friendly”

    Gretchen Marie Semancik


  4. I totally agree with you. I think that we are such a money based society that companies will lie about being “green” just to generate revenue from people who are not educated about green washing. Also, I think that people just buy products that claim to be “green” because it is too time consuming to do your research on these products and see if they are really beneficial to the environment or not.

    -Shelby Scholl


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