Clean and green

Greenwashing is making the product being sold sound better than it really is. Or acting if it is a green product. I cam across a great idea, rubber mulch. Lets take all our old tires that we have so much of and shred them into mulch.Win win for everyone.

Shredded rubber mulch. Clams to :

1.    Looks like wood, but the color is guaranteed to last 12 years longer than premium colored wood mulch!

2.    Since rubber mulch does not absorb water like wood mulch you can use 30% less water when you switch to rubber mulch.

3.    No more annual mulching – work less, play more!

4.    Rated as the safest playground surface available.

5.    Rubber mulch does not attract termites, carpenter ants or other harmful insects.

6.    Rubber mulch will not fade, rot, compress or lose its beauty even after years of exposure to the elements.

7.    Move to rubber mulch and you will have fewer weeds.

8.    Rubber mulch inhibits growth of molds and fungi, reducing allergy risk.

9.    You will save time, money and the environment.

10.  You will have the best looking yard on the block, year after year, after year!

Number 9. claims you will save money and the environment. This fails Terra choice 2009 seven sins in a few ways.  First sin of hidden trade off. As we reuse tires we cause more tires to be manufacture increasing pollution and causing health risk. Like the shredding of tires cause problems with pollution with micro partials causing workers respiratory problems. Also has neurotoxic can cause birth defects and allergic reactions and more. Also fails sin of none proof. Their claims can clams that can not be supported. Also fails sin of vagueness. Their claims are very vague with not enough information. Fails sin 4, sin of failing fails labels. With a green recycle label on the beg. Making you feel its green. Also fails number 5 sin or irrelevance. Also it could debated it also fails number 6, sin of lesser evals. Save trees reuse tires. This green claim by rubber mulch is a lie and gives use a fake idea “greenwashing”. We need to look into the products that make use feel happy and that we are saving the environment.  The benefits do not out way the damage. Going green is a big market that has been sold to the American people. We must demand stricter laws. We must not be tricked. We need to bring this to the public’s attention .



josh bertke


One thought on “Clean and green

  1. I also considered this as a possible topic for my blog, rubber mulch is becoming more popular than regular mulch in playgrounds. Its safer as in it hurts less when you fall on it, however it’s a shame that it commits so many of these sins that we talked about in class.

    Jane Gripshover


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