Ethanol? Better off with petroleum.


We may know famous green washers such as BP and Shell, both having green icons to showcase their names. They are truly not environment friendly even though their image may say they are with all the “oil fixes” they are doing after they’ve messed up. BP and Shell have spilled oil in the ocean multiple of times and they are responsible for the spillage. More so, Shell has released an advertising campaign with a “lets go” motto. They are promoting the use of biofuels to the friendliness of the environment. Shell’s concept of biofuel is to use organic matter being fermented into ethanol, or other liquid fuels. Their efforts are to reduce the use of petroleum to conserve our main fuel source of cars. This is where Shell is green washing. They are promoting a deceptively environmentally friendly option of fuel.

BP is another grand scheme. They may have a logo with vibrant green and yellow to mimic a sunflower but there should be no sunflowers around such a toxic company. People praise BP like their doing something good for the environment, but what are they really doing? They have be called out to repeatedly cause soil erosion, deforestation, and carbon emission. Now that is green washing.

As we progress in the future these big oil companies are planning to make “advancements”. BP created a first-generation plant in England last year to focus on the purpose of creating ethanol and renewable energy sources. It hasn’t worked because with the investment of the plant, their investment have sunk and little progress has been made in the efforts to make fuel more efficient.

Joseph Hu


2 thoughts on “Ethanol? Better off with petroleum.

  1. It is always a little ridiculous to me when oil companies like BP and Shell claim that they are committed to doing good for the environment. That BP commercial always sticks in my head when the executive is saying how they donated X amount of dollars to help the environment when in reality they were mandated by the government to pay for the harm that they caused. In the case of Shell, at least they are attempting to promote biofuels even if it is in a small amount.

    John Casnellie


  2. When talking about alternative fuels and transportation, I think it is important to also emphasize the greenwashing of electric cars like Teslas. Although they run off of electricity and do not produce emissions directly from the vehicle, they still require electricity to run. That electricity comes from coal-fired power plants that produce insane amounts of CO2 and sulfur emissions no matter how economical the scrubbers in their stacks are. It just goes to show that things that are marketed as “green” or “clean” might be at the source, but not down the line.

    Austin Boland


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