Good News! 7 UP is now 100% “Natural”

Now when consuming the acids that are contained in 7 Up, we can rest assured they are NATURAL acids! Here’s the problem; the FDA does not have a strict definition for the claim “natural.” This ad commits Sin #3 of Terra Choice’s “Seven Sins of Greenwashing” right off the bat by claiming “100% Natural.” The claim is so vague that the meaning is most likely misunderstood, especially because the FDA does not define what natural is.  Sin #4 is known as the Sin of Worshiping False Labels. This ad clearly intends to give off “green impression,” yet we cannot distinguish what about 7 Up (if anything) is “green,” especially if we understand that Sin #3 has already been broken. With all of the confusion, we are left wondering what is true about “natural 7 Up.” The ad could also be held responsible for  committing the Sin of Fibbing. While the ad claims “natural,” the ingredients label still lists high fructose corn syrup– which as far as I know is artificial. The ad is altogether misleading as it depicts the soda pop being picked from a fruit tree, resembling a lemon or lime. Clearly the carbonated beverage full of acid is no where near the same as a fruit. To the ignorant, however, the ad may be convincing that this new 7 Up is significantly better than most soda pops. It does not, however, hold up against the Terra Choice criteria.

Olivia Turner


2 thoughts on “ALL NATURAL

  1. Many companies claim to use all natural products, but people associate natural with healthy. Arsenic, mercury and other harmful materials are used in making things, like make up which is applied directly to the skin. 7 up does sin by basically tricking consumers.
    Jessica Hofelich


  2. Good post, I see a correlation between our posts. Both of the advertisements we choose show a product making a ridiculously false claim. How can a soda be 100% natural? How can bottled water be “green”? Both of these claims are vague as you said, but that only makes it easier for these companies to greenwash the public. Until we have rules and guidelines set in place for advertising a green product, I think we will continue to see this trend of companies telling fibs to increase profit.

    Ryan Raab


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