Archer Daniels Midland…really?

Archer Daniels Midland is a company who some believe really have some contradicting values. As stated on their website, “Archer Daniels Midland is one of the largest agricultural processors in the world. Serving as a vital link between farmers and consumers, we take crops and process them to make food ingredients, animal feed ingredients, renewable fuels and naturally derived alternatives to industrial chemicals.” people have a couple issues believing that. In 2006, the company attempted to create all of it’s power by burning coal (a process that emits highly carcinogenic pollutants and greenhouse gases that is said to be associated with global warming). This process would also release ethanol into the air and that alone produces massive amounts of air pollution despite all of the “benefits” of being able to use ethanol.

Luckily this hasn’t gone unseen and the company had to pay a 1.46 million dollar fine for air pollution and was also forced to spend another 1.6 million dollars to ensure it did not occur later. They failed to do that and was forced to pay ten and a half million dollars to compensate for their abuses to the world and to once more prevent any more pollution that may arise from their work.

Their green ads have been quite controversial as they claim to benefit the world by having such a strong bond with the farmers they work with. Something many agree is true, but their processes are not very eco-friendly and have been getting a lot of flack for it.

The company has been doing it’s best to find alternative ways to make their processes both profitable and environment friendly. But seems to just keep hitting brick walls. In 2011, the company OXFAM launched the GROW campaign to fight rising food costs and global food instability. According to Green America, “OXFAM singled out ADM, Cargill and Bunge for owning over ninety percent of the grain market and using their insider knowledge of the industry to profit from this instability and the rising food costs.”

Hopefully sooner rather than later, this company is going to realize what it’s doing to the world and the environment. With such a strong say in the world’s grain industry, they have an incredibly large amount of power and will hopefully change for the good; before it’s too late.


Michael Guidugli


One thought on “Archer Daniels Midland…really?

  1. It is really scary that these top companies, owning the large majority of the worlds grain supply, would run a business based on hiding information that could be dangerous to people and the environment. Hopefully these companies can change in the near future.

    -Andrew Zacharias


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