Coca Cola

The ever profitable Coca Cola company has always tried to pride themselves on being a ‘green’ company.  Recently its been discovered that the materials used for the production of Coca Cola’s bottles, claiming to be green, but had no evidence to back up their environmentally conscience claim.  Coca Cola claims that they’ve manufactured their bottles partially from plant based materials.  This has been a simple marketing ploy in order to have consumers believe that Coca Cola is an environmentally friendly company.  Some other things that Coca Cola has been called out about is their excessive use of the word ‘plant’, and their use of the arrow logo promoting recyclability.  They use these easy tactics to reinforce their reduced carbon footprint.  However, there is no science or documentation whatsoever to back these environmentally friendly claims.  Plant bottles claim to have up to 30% plant based material.  Unfortunately there is less than 15% of plant based material in Coca Cola bottles: a percentage that hardly makes these Coca Cola bottles green.

-Samuel Souders


3 thoughts on “Coca Cola

  1. Agreed. Even with the bottles being only 15% plant product, what does that even mean? Rubber is made from trees and that is something that is terrible for our environment. There definitely needs to be tighter regulation on green advertising. As of now it seems to be whatever the company wants to say is fair game which is just completely misleading to consumers.

    Adam Hacker


  2. I agree that Coca Cola is extremely misleading. What I don’t really get is how so many people are influenced by green advertising and therefore buy them, but yet no one wants to actually do anything to help the environmental crisis that we face today. Not only that, but some people still deny that we are facing a crisis.

    Rachel Keathley


  3. This false labeling is incredibly misleading, but unless someone were to point out the facts like you have, it would slide right past most people. Companies will brandish their products with these green labels just to sell, and it’s such a trendy marketing tactic nowadays that you’d be crazy not to! I’ll bet most companies that use these advertisements have no real concerns for the environment, they just know it’ll get the public’s approval.

    Diana Bolton


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