Green ads

7 up is a widely known drink. Similar to sprite but slightly different in taste. Over the years 7up has tried to compete with sprite in being the most consumed light soda pop.  There is nothing green about a soda but that’s not what the seller wants you to think. They came up with a genius idea to lie about their drink. They stated that their drink is filled 100% natural fruits and flavors, no artificial sugars or flavoring.

Greenwashing is a big problem in todays society. Greenwashing is where a company can persuade using natural products or backdrops but in reality its just to draw the consumer in. The faster greenwashing awareness spreads, the sooner companies will get the message that green shoppers want improved products, not empty slogans. The picture at the bottom of the article shows 7ups green ad where they tried to get their point across to consumers that everything was natural. They even went as far as to put the 7up can growing out of the tree like a lemon to give us a sense that they only use fresh picked lemons and limes.

Many times you can catch the big company trying to pull a fast one on you if you read the nutrition facts on the product itself. There are rules a regulations for what companies must state is in a product. After being purchased it is unlikely that it could be returned to the store. Lying to the consumer on a large ad that many will see is a smart choice on their part to draw the consumer in because everyone enjoys the relaxing feeling of being  in nature.

Greenwash Detectors

Mitch Jackson


4 thoughts on “Green ads

  1. The weirdest part about companies doing this is, don’t you think people are going to find out about your lies? I mean lies always come out. I guess whatever makes your company succeed!
    Olivia Triacheff


  2. I agree with you completely. It is ironic to me that companies think they can get away with promoting a soda as all natural. If you look at all of the nutrition facts on the back of the can it will prove that wrong as well as the fact that cans themselves are not good for the environment either.

    Brittany Kindberg


  3. I also saw this ad when I was researching a product. I tried to look more into it and how they go green but could not find any information about it. It makes me think that if they can’t put any information about their go green product, then how are we supposed to believe it. In most cases, I believe in the product but sometimes it is hard to.
    Katie Schwettmann


  4. The lies companies are willing to say about their product to get it to sell is absolutely mind boggling. Their facts are rarely 100% true and it always comes back to bite them in the butt. I understand that you need to sell and making your product green is definitely a good selling point but if you can’t be truthful about it, chances are the people you’re convincing the product is green to, are the people who are going to be the most offended that you lied.

    Great post!

    Michael Guidugli


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