“Green Toys”

Ever since some toys have been found to contain lead and other hazardous materials years ago, parents have been extremely cautious about what types of toys they are buying and where they are manufactured. However, as of 2010 toys are listed in the top 25 green-washed products. A toy company from the U.S. hoped to change this by creating a company called “Green Toys,” which claim to be made from recycled milk jugs and other recycled products so that they are not only safer for the world’s children but also our environment. The company also uses 100% recycled cardboard to package their products, however state that when needed they may use other recycled products to package their products to make sure the toy stays in the packaging. I have worked in a local, family-owned toy store for 3 years, and have seen these products in person, the packaging looks as eco-friendly as they claim, and parents certainly felt good about buying their products. When you go to their website they claim to be an “open book” about manufacturing and product details, and say that they are reducing the carbon footprint by manufacturing their product using recycled materials and the fact that they are made 100% in the U.S..

I love and support what this company is doing, however they may be breaking some of the seven sins within their claims. For example, although they are open about their products they use, they are vague about the manufacturing process, they mention that it is healthier for the environment, but then jump right to the fact that they are providing jobs to the locals in the U.S.; although it is better to use recycled materials, it is still a process breaking these products down and turning them into something new, which still isn’t all that great for the environment. It also doesn’t consider that the majority of the packaging and maybe at times their products (when they break, etc.)  still end up in the landfill, which isn’t helpful for the environment. Below is a link to one of their ads, there is no talking, just cheerful music and kids playing with their toys. They also have captions come across the screen that have the 3 claims they all want their consumers to know:

  1. They are made from 100% recycled milk jugs
  2. Are made 100% in the U.S.
  3. Are “super safe”

Green Toys

Although they may commit a few of the sins, their toys are still better than most of the alternatives.

Jane Gripshover


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4 thoughts on ““Green Toys”

  1. That’s a cool find. I’ve never heard of “Green Toys”, and despite the (almost unavoidable) “sins of greenwashing”, I’m impressed with their ability to be fairly consistent with their claims. I think with any consumptive act to this degree, there is a high likelihood (practically a guarantee) that there will be negative effects as a result. The company seems to do a good job at limiting this, and it is refreshing to see.

    Josh Maddux


  2. Yeah, I found this very interesting as well. I haven’t really thought about green toys before, but i guess we just don’t notice it unless we really think about it. Very good find.

    Eli Farmer


  3. This is a very interesting post because many dangerous toys are purchased when the consumer is unaware of it! It is important for parents to know what they are buying for their children because it can greatly harm their health with what is actually made within the toys.

    -Katerina Sese


  4. I like what this company is doing. They produce a product that is actually relatively green and significantly better than the alternative (a product mass produced overseas with little regulations). They also do a great job at emphasizing that their toys are safe, which, to most parents with a young child, is probably more important than being green.
    -Spencer Clark


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