GreenJet? GreenLies?


This one ad i found is created by an airline company named “GreenJet” which is ironically now called “Blackjet”. When you look at this add the first think you can see is it is unrealistic. There are green flowers and lines coming around the airplane. We then can see that under fly green jet it say “and erase your carbon footprints” which is an obvious lie because that would be impossible to do unless if you just don’t fly “green jet”. At the bottom in bold and stamped it say eco assured. I’m not even sure what this means. If it is saying that it has been approved by some ecology department there are no statistics on the page and by who it was approved and certified by which makes the ad extremely unreliable. Then not he bottom left hand corner we can see there are two small paragraphs that consist of a lot of “fluffy” language. It says that the company plants trees so that we can fly as much as we want to. The company just does a really bad job in trying to make the consumer feel that its okay to fly though this company because its the “green” thing to do.

It feel that the entire ad here is completely irrelevant to the product that the company is trying to sell. What I find extreemly assuming is that the company has changed their name to “blackjet”. I wonder why?

Poonam Desai


4 thoughts on “GreenJet? GreenLies?

  1. Flying on a plane no matter how ecofriendly, is not going to erase your carbon footprint. And like you said what does “eco assured” mean? As a consumer I would want to know what all I’m getting in to before I buy something.
    Kristin Mathis


  2. Nice post. The eco assured part of the ad made me question the whole thing. Who put that their and thought that it was credible enough for people to take the ad seriously? Then the ad brings up erasing your carbon footprint, but I can’t see that being done by taking a plane. This whole ad violates a lot of the green washing sins, and trys to get away with it.

    Ryan Raab


  3. Interesting post. I agree with some of the comments before mine that no matter how eco friendly this company is promising to be, they are still making a big impact and carbon footprint regardless. Just because they claim to be going green doesn’t mean anything because the details are extremely vague.

    Brittany Kindberg


  4. This is interesting. I don’t even understand how anyone could believe that flying with a certain airline company will erase your carbon footprint, especially since large commercial jets consume over 3000 gallons of fuel just to get up to 30,000 feet. I also ask the same question when I look at all the ridiculous junk email that I get, so I guess many people fall for crazy ads all the time.
    Ben Haynes


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