It’s on the internet so it must be ture.

Greenwashing, a technique used by various companies to increase sales. In short the give their audience the feel that their product is green. But in reality it’s most likely not. A prime example would be the Volkswagen scandal. They stated their cars were green machines, but in truth they programmed thier vehicles to emit lower levels of emissions in official tests. This being said, their cars would appear green and get a good rating but once on the road their emission output would be high. To be precise, the EPA stated that the car would emit up to 40 times more then on the test.

So remember kids, greenwashing is a thing. It’ll appear in ads, commercials and even the news. And it’s medium isn’t restricted either. You can find them on the internet, TV, newspaper and even the radio. No matter where you are you can’t escape it. So don’t believe everything you hear or see and do your research. Don’t let greenwashing fool you or in the end you may become the fool. Because “If it’s on the internet, it must be true”.


Danny Wells


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