Who Cares If It’s “All Natural”

In this Green Works commercial, there are a couple of “sins” of greenwashing as TerraChoice has described it and what we learned about in class. One of these is the sin of no proof. This commercial says that it leaves ” no harsh chemicals on skin” like other detergents do, but that is something that consumers will never really be able to test themselves. In a certain way, we could obtain proof for this through testing, but generally consumers will have no way of knowing this for themselves. They will just have to believe what Green Works tells them at face value. It’s almost impossible to make a cleaner without any chemicals as well. It also claims to be “all natural” but a lot of very harmful substances can be all natural, so this claim doesn’t really mean anything.

This company also uses the sin of vagueness. Not only are all of these claims not able to be proven, they are all extremely vague as well. As consumers we don’t know what all natural means. They also say “since it’s from Clorox, you can trust it to get the stains out”. What does that mean? I don’t understand why everyone would automatically know that Clorox gets all stains out, and chances are it probably doesn’t. At the end they even picture the cleaner next to several kinds of fruits. What?? What do the fruits have to do with anything? Why is there a coconut here? A lot is left unexplained and unsaid in this ad.  It’s a great example of greenwashing because it uses the sin of vagueness, no proof, and probably even a little bit of fibbing. It’s ironic that a product that is supposed to be doing more good than bad is making so many false claims and leading consumers to believe things that may not necessarily be true.

Margaret Walriven


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