Climate Change

In class we talked a lot about climate change, why people don’t believe in it, and why we have such a lack of action towards it. For me, I can’t begin to wrap my head around why someone wouldn’t believe in climate change. It is proven. 97% of climate experts agree this is a fact. So, when someone says they don’t “believe in” climate change, I can’t quite understand how they can’t believe a proven fact. Anyway, it is normal for people to be skeptical about any change or new discovery.

My dad happens to be one of those people who doesn’t believe in climate change. I showed him graph after graph and he just brushes it off like I’m crazy. Him, among thousands of others don’t see the effects of climate change and that’s where the problem lies. I think the true problem with this issue is that people are so extremely uneducated about climate change. If they were to go to seminars or lectures and hear and see the immense impacts climate change is having all over the world then I think more change could be inspired.

It was really great to sit in the classroom and be able to hear how concerned and passionate about climate change everyone was. Being an environmental studies major, I’m used to being in classes and talking to people who care about the environment and are super driven to do something about climate change. However, outside this realm of people, there are so many students and people in general who don’t know anything about climate change. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried talking to someone about it and they know absolutely nothing about it and just argue that “it doesn’t seem that hot,” or something else completely ridiculous. The whole debate over this issue is extremely frustrating to me. I think the only way to create some change is to educate people about the issue and show them what’s really happening. Honestly, it’s up to us. We all care about it so we all need to make other people care just as much as we do. We have to be the change.


Here is a link to a website with some myths about climate change.


Megan DeBanto


4 thoughts on “Climate Change

  1. I also have had countless encounters with climate deniers saying how if we are having colder winters how is it possible to have a rise in atmospheric temperature. I almost wish the term global warming was never coined due to the fact, climate change better represents this issue putting the weather change and drastic change in patters as highlights.
    Aras Klimas


  2. Whenever I hear the argument that global climate change does not exist, I feel as if this is something the generations below us will look back on in about 20 or 30 years and wonder how anyone could have possibly denied this fact. While many scientists may argue the true underlying cause of climate change, the evidence to support its existence is so compelling I don’t see how one could possibly argue against it. It reminds me of many other theories that were not widely accepted when they were first introduced, such as the idea that smoking causing lung cancer. Back in the 50’s and 60’s it was preposterous that smoking could be bad for one’s health but today we all recognize a smoker as unhealthy almost immediately. This is also true of a slew of other revolutionary scientific theories including continental drift, germ theory of disease and even black holes. While many ideas seem crazy when first proposed, over time they begin to earn themselves a spot in the “common sense” category, which will most definitely happen with theories on climate change.

    -Jordan Cotleur


  3. I also think it is crazy how people do not believe in climate change with all the data and scientific proof to back it up. I think generations has something to do with it. Our generation is more open and exposed to science and technology, so I think believing in climate change is easier for us. Unlike us, I think older generations were never highly educated in environmental studies, so I believe they have a harder time wrapping their heads around the climate change concept.

    -Shelby Scholl


  4. Climate change is important because it occurs within our environment and around the world. I believe that climate change occurs because I live in it and can see the different distributions of weather. There are so many variations of climate change and how human disturbances can impact the climate and weather. Climate is very significant to our environment because it impacts how we behave and impacts our overall health.

    -Katerina Sese


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