Quantifying Biblical Literature With Science

Being a science major at this university I always like to question a story, or scientific findings credibility and what could have caused such a thing to happen. Although the modern day academic environment contains lots of quantification and explanation, the bible does not. It mostly holds stories with the explanation being god. Now for the video linked a above I am not using this as an example to show that god is neither real or unreal just that these events could have happened from nature or a type of miracle.Through the scientific analysis of the scripture we where able to figure out how such a event could have taken place under those conditions.

This is a great example of how science can be applied to the religious aspect without discrediting it. This is great because as talked about in class several times the field of religion and the field of science can not agree and thus end up splitting peoples perception on matters. In this approach it just used the examples in the bible and shows if the event happened what it could have been, leaving it up to the viewer to categorize it as a miracle or just a naturally occurring event that would have happened even if say the Israelites  along with mosses where not trying to escape and thus where not in the area to witness the event.

Hopefully in the future we can get on to a scientific  and religious consensus or agreement on several pressing issues like the scientifically proven theory of evolution, life forming over million of years from inorganic compounds, and the question of what happens when we die. Till that day I guess well just have to keep researching and developing our scientific community.

Aras Klimas


3 thoughts on “Quantifying Biblical Literature With Science

  1. I think it’s easy to forget given our cultural context, but the biblical interpretation of religion is only one perspective. There are many other religions and beliefs out there, many of which conflict very little with the teachings of science. This does make me wonder however how science can be applied to other religious stories and scriptures, and what the outcome would be.

    Josh Maddux


  2. I agree with your point. Science is facts and it give explanations to phenomenons in the world. I think that religion gives people a “layman’s terms” explanation to how these things happen, so that they can better understand them. However, I do think that some people are so wrapped up in their faith that they are in denial that science and data is real.

    -Shelby Scholl


  3. It is really important for people to not take scriptures so literally, I think because then you end up picking an choosing what is taken literal and what is not. The bible was written 3000 years ago and times were very different. Written language was way different as well. I think it is necessary to remember that in order to fully appreciate the bible or other written works from every religion.

    Gretchen Marie Semancik


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