Science and FDA

How Often Does Best Science Guide Government Regulations?

This graph was on one of the links in Tuesday’s Powerpoint, and the 52% of food safety NOT being backed by science inspired me to look up facts about how food and dietary supplements are not approved by the FDA. (Food and Drug Association) I’ve always heard about how vitamins and supplements really have no scientific backing but are still widely sold and distributed and raved about. Sometimes I get caught believing that supplements will be better for me than real live food, and obviously supplements are more convenient to consume as a busy college kid who also works part time, so why wouldn’t I rely on protein shakes and vitamin pills? Besides them being very pricey, I think that the fact that they aren’t approved by the FDA makes me weary of them.

I googled “Are dietary supplements approved by the FDA?” and this is the response I got from

“No. Dietary supplement manufacturers and distributors are not required to obtain approval from FDA before marketing dietary supplements. Before a firm markets a dietary supplement, the firm is responsible for ensuring that

  • the products it manufactures or distributes are safe
  • any claims made about the products are not false or misleading
  • the products comply with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and FDA regulations in all other respects”

So why are people so drawn to these supplements?

I think personally that it is a result of a sedentary society that aims to find the most convenient, run-around ways of being healthy. We don’t want to work for our health, we want it marketed towards us in doses. We want to feel good about making “healthy” decisions and look good to other people doing it. We do very little to work for our health, make healthy, balanced meals with fresh food, drink enough pure water, get enough protein without the protein shake, etc. It takes time to work for our health. I hope that science will eventually prevail and people will realize that working for our fitness and nutrition is the only way to truly feel satisfied and be healthy.



3 thoughts on “Science and FDA

  1. Convenience and ease are definitely the driving factors in supplements. Most people would 100% rather take a vitamin than alter their food habits to incorporate healthy eating. People want to believe that these pills are compensating for their lifestyle, but I don’t think that’s what really happens.

    Kris Kowalk


  2. It is so bizarre to me that the FDA doesn’t have to approve all the supplements. I shadowed at a dietician office this summer and learned a lot about different pills that claim to have such astronomical amounts of vitamins and minerals when really they may not even contain ANY of what they say. They could even make claims about the health benefits of “miracle” vitamins without any sort of regulation.

    Amanda Vacca


  3. The unregulated supplement industry is quite a scam and due to a loophole they are able to advertise nearly anything with little research backing it. for instance several weightlifting supplements are advertised to have (insert drastic percentage) % increase in power and strength to athletes that take this product thus fooling a buyer to take the supplement when in reality they might not see the results or the results might be caused from Sirius drugs being added that are not monitored.
    Aras Klimas


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