Believing in Science

Even though there is evidence out there to prove that certain things in science are accurate. Such as global warming, many people still don’t believe that it is true. This seems to be a problem and it is is confusing because if they are presented with facts and research, then why don’t these people believe that information is true?

There are many reasons why this may occur. One of the reasons is that people don’t believe in a lot of things that they don’t see for themselves. Such as, global warming , if they can see that it is happening around them, than that person might not believe that global warming is actually true. Another reason why this may occur is because some people might not understand how science works because they don’t try to learn it. Science is complicated, but many people think that it is too complicated to understand so they don’t want to take the time to learn it. Also, sometimes ones have their own beliefs, so even though there is mass research done about a certain subject, they might not believe it because it goes against something that they have believed their whole life. An example is Pluto not being a planet anymore. Some people that I know still think that it is a planet just because it was when they taught us the planets when we were little so why wouldn’t it be now? Even though there is evidence to prove that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, some people believe against the evidence because of their own beliefs.

This article that I found shows some of the reasons why people. One of the things that people don’t believe that scientists are right in is the flu vaccines. There are people that think the flu vaccine won’t do anything. The article says that doubting scientists with healthcare research can be harmful to their own health because the scientists are trying to save lives by using vaccines that they have proven in many lab tests work. People that don’t get the vaccines are harming themselves because they will increase their chances of getting the disease.

Scientific evidence, whether people believe that it is beneficial to the world or not is intended to save and better our community by using the technological advances that we have access to in order to better our lives.


Abigail Cain


3 thoughts on “Believing in Science

  1. People do not want to believe in something which does not concern them in this very moment. If Global Warming was happening right now with more drastic effects, just like the spike in gas prices, people would definitely pay a closer attention.

    Tsvetelina Georgiev


  2. Science can be hard to explain sometimes which can alienate itself from anyone without a background in science. Take for instance the vaccine debate, how hard would it be to explain the various intricacies of the interleukin pathways, acquired immunity, and the cell-mediated or humoral responses within the course of five minutes to someone else with no such background? It can be hard to get people to take your word when they think you are making up words.


  3. I agree that people disagree with some scientific processes because they are difficult to understand, however, it is the science community that is responsible for conveying the most important messages in ways that can be understood by everyone. This can be very difficult due to the complexity of these issues but it is absolutely essential to educate the general public. If people can be blindly faithful to a religion then why can’t they apply some of that trust to science.

    John Casnellie


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