Creation and Evolution

As a biology major, I have to except factual evidence for findings that are not always excepted by religious beliefs.

When I was growing up, there was a debate in school whether or not we should be taught evolution. The debate’s concept was creation vs. evolution; creation being a religious belief that the world was created by a higher power and evolution being the big bang that shaped the rest of the universe’s history. I believe that the two are intertwined.

Recently, I had someone ask me if I believe in evolution even though I’m a Christian. No where in the bible does it say to deny science. I believe in evolution because of the immense amount of information that is provided to back it up. Most people believe that evolution means we descended from monkeys, and they’d be wrong. Yes, we are closely related species, but any biology or ecology course will show otherwise. Humans are descendants of other early hominids. There’s fossil evidence that shows the history for millions of plants and animals species, including humans. The story of creation in the bible basically skips over evolution and goes straight to the appearance of humans. I believe that life on Earth has come from a higher power, but not exactly the way that the bible states.

Biblical text, in the context of Earth origin, is taken too literally. People deny evolution because of their religion, which compromises their overall understanding of science as a whole. The bible can be used as a guideline and a metaphor to evolution. Each day in the story of creation could be representative of different eras on Earth before humans existed, like a timeline.

In today’s age, science and technology play a large role in advancements as a society. I think it’s important to realize the difference between religion and science, and that if you believe in one you do not have to deny the other.

Jessica Hofelich


3 thoughts on “Creation and Evolution

  1. I can definitely say I agree with your post, I am also a Biology major and loved taking science courses since high school but am also a Christian. There is so much evidence for evolution, you can’t really ignore it, yet I believe that there had to be a higher power to start the world. I definitely think people can believe in both science and religion, it just takes an open mind.

    Jane Gripshover


  2. This was a very well written post and I can totally agree coming from 12 years of Catholic schooling. I definitely believe that the universe was started from a higher power meaning God but the evidence and facts of evolution makes me a bit skeptical of the beginning of time. I was always taught that Adam and Eve came first but what about the dinosaurs? We have proof that those existed yet nothing is said about them in the bible.

    Gabby Hirlinger


  3. People but way too much emphasis on historical texts like the Bible and the Koran etc. Despite the dedication to the text itself, a lot of people seem to miss that most major religions are preaching the same things. If people could learn to put aside petty differences and just stick to the main concepts I think the world would not only be a much happier place, but also allow more room for the development of science literacy across the globe.

    John Casnellie


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