Faithful Science


As I continue on with my science major, I find it increasingly hard to incorporate faith into my scientific understanding of the world. It’s not that I don’t want to believe in higher power, but that logic sometimes points me to see otherwise. This leads me to wonder if it’s truly possible to believe in integrated religion and science.

The best thing I can think of in terms of incorporating both into your lifestyle is Pope Francis’ encyclical this spring. In it, he addresses the need to be more progressive on environmental issues such as climate change and so on. He even goes on to talk about how God will judge you based on how you’ve treated the Earth. Now while the environment doesn’t contradict any bible teachings that I’m aware of, it is interesting to see a religious figure incorporate science into his faith. So for some of you, maybe connections like that are what can help you become more faithful or more science-invested than you previously were.

Many people would argue that simply believing in evolution automatically contradicts everything that the bible tries to convey, starting with Adam and Eve. (And please forgive me for this narrow-minded view on this integration, as I’m not overly familiar with religions other than Christianity and whether/how they could cross over) Even writing this, it’s hard to find an article that’s not biased in some way. However, I think it’s up to you to find personal ways to incorporate faith and science if that’s what you truly want to do.

Obviously, in the end, it’s completely up to you on what to believe. Denounce faith or denounce evolution, it’s your choice (although I would always recommend being respectful to someone who believes differently than you). So do you think it’s possible to fully be faithful and scientific? Do you incorporate both in your life?


Kris Kowalk


2 thoughts on “Faithful Science

  1. I myself am an atheist, but I do not see walls that confine religion and science to themselves. A current example of the two existing in harmony is in the Bahai faith where a main tenet is that the two are fundamentally linked and that religion should conform to the discoveries of science.


  2. I love how you stay respectful to everyone in this post because that is the most important thing. I have never heard of Pope Francis’ talk that you mentioned, but it sounds like one that I should look up. I believe that you can live with both believing science and religion, but it’s about balance.
    Allison Jermer


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