Belief in the Common Good

051a64fcb0a3b839736d61e3c08093e594321-wmThe gap between the scientific community and the religious community is basically just a shift in the way information is received and processed. In the religious community information is very clear cut and delivered directly via the weekly sermon. Also all of this information is presented as absolute fact as long as you are a believer of that particular religion. There is no doubt that this is a very stress free way of thinking about the future of life on this planet because no matter what happens, the creator will protect those who believe and live their lives in accordance to the word of scripture.

However, in the scientific community information has to be collected, researched, and analyzed before a conclusion can be derived. It is this process that many in the religious community have issues with because not everyone understands what exactly scientist do, and once scientists try to explain there is an immediate disconnect. Also, once information is processed in the scientific community, it is not taken as absolute fact until a multitude of experiments can verify the information presented. This is why some people in the scientific community have issues accepting faith in a higher power because there is no test or data processing unit that can confirm or deny the presence of a superior being that orchestrated the creation of the universe. I believe that there is plenty of room for both science and religion, or at least spirituality, in a person’s life. Many times once scientists understand a certain process or behavior of an animal, they often ask why does this happen. I feel that religion answers this question for many people, and to believe in something gives more of a purpose to this life, and the world that we live on.

Bridging the gap between these two communities is essential in the field of climate change because it is occurring on a daily, if not hourly, basis. It is truly up to every person alive on this planet to make sure there is a planet to support subsequent generations. It is helpful when individuals make changes to support the ecosystem, however to see a significant change in a positive direction, communities, businesses, and government must all work together. The most significant degradation to our planet has been human caused in the form of habitat destruction, pollution, and overharvesting, and all of these relate to the increased industrialization of our planet. People have to understand that resources are called nonrenewable for a reason, and if we keep consuming the way we are, we may be adding things to that list at an increasing rate.

John Casnellie


One thought on “Belief in the Common Good

  1. I agree with your statement about the straight forward belief in religion and how it is clearly delivered. This really stuck out to me because it is so true. It just does not hold a flame to science and the amount of research that has been done to prove things. Science will always outweigh religion.

    Samuel Souders


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