Faith and Logic Balance

With any controversial topics such as this one we will see many radicals for both sides. The fact that people think they are 100% correct whether they are people of religion or people of science is complete nonsense. There is no way that religion can disprove science and there is no way that science can disprove religion. Sure you can say that the big bang was the cause of the universe being created but then the argument can be made that god was the big bang! This is a never ending cycle of chaotic debates that I have been witnessing my entire life. What I would like to propose people of radical views to do is view everything rationally and maybe expose themselves to the other side of the argument just to understand people’s perspectives better.

I heard a “startalk” podcast with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, and a Jesuit Priest/Scientist by the name of James Martin. The topic of their discussion was exploring science and religion. This was easily one of the more fascinating podcasts I have ever listened to mainly because of James Martin. James studies at the cosmic observatory in the Vatican and questioned how believing in the big bang is different that believing in God or a higher power. Richard Dawkins discussed how a scientists sense of wonder is what really springs science forward. There was a brief debate between James and Richard on the subject of rational thinking and how it might not be an evolutionary advantage.

What I see in James Martin is the perfect balance between faith and logic. He is a practicing priest and a practicing astrophysicist! I love to see that he even bad mouthed the church when he was discussing the persecution of Galileo by the Catholic church. If you want to learn more about this podcast, follow the link below!


Zach Werner


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