Faith or facts?


I believe that science is fact based on evidence and religion is unable to be verified because its based on supernatural convictions. Many argue which came first, the chicken, or the egg? This is a topic of religion vs science. Scientist at times can be wrong, deceit the public, and be faulty at times. But religion can be made up from a crazy story that makes no sense and the people would believe what they’ve heard from religion. Religion beliefs can’t be proven or disproven. Coyne from the website linked above wrote about a book on faith vs fact and he predicts “opposition would recede to evolutionary theory, scientific reports of human-caused global warming, childhood vaccinations and assisted dying. People would be happier without God, he says. But his scenario rides more on faith than fact.” He thinks religion is a secondary result of a human disposition to mistake inanimate objects for living things.

Although it is believed that scholars and religious believers play a different role in how they interrupt the same events. Religious people explain why instead of how and people who understand that diseases are caused by natural processes might still relate diseases to demons or acts of god. It may be another explanation. As people get older, they rely on supernatural explanations, they do this use “magic” to explain to kids what happened and the supernatural ideas go across the minds of children to make them think and explore.

I stand with my choice of science because I know I have numbers or facts to prove what makes sense. As for religion, its understandable why people can believe in crazy made up stories which base their facts on some book or written piece of article that has been rewritten over and over to the point where a religious person believes what they read. But hey. That’s just me.


Joseph Hu




3 thoughts on “Faith or facts?

  1. Very interesting read. Faith vs Science has definitely been a touchy subject in the Church for many years, but at the end of the day science doesn’t lie. I definitely agree with your decision that Science has the logical consensus, rather than a revised work of fiction

    Samuel Souders


  2. When it comes to science and religion debates, it is always imperative that you recognize that this is a sensitive area. Since there is no way to prove or disprove god with science, this debate is never ending. I believe religious people should be logical towards important matters such as climate change and evolution.

    Zach Werner


  3. Why do people need to have facts to make something seem true? Why does there have to be a logical sense to it? respecting all sides, and I respect your thoughts as a human being. Just because science cant be made up “from a crazy story”, because it has facts, doesn’t mean it is always right.
    Olivia Triacheff.


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