Falsifiability: The Religion vs Atheism Hypothesis


I really feel like Neil deGrasse Tyson nails the debate between religion and science in this video. He initially states how this debate has brought on by vocal minorities on both sides. It’s this vocalness that the media then latches onto. No one wants to hear how the two exist in a mutual respect for one another.

Tyson then goes on to talk about how science and atheism don’t go hand in hand, which I’m glad he did. Personally, I’m an atheist but that doesn’t give me some greater understanding of science or acceptance than anyone else. The idea that religious people can’t accept science is completely false. Tyson then goes on to state that approximately 40% of scientist are religious in  some manner. And why wouldn’t they? Science is our way to understand the world we live in. Why would this then go against the teaching of certain religions? I know religion can used as a tool for control and thus something like science would greatly hinder the control effort of said religious entities. However, this is once again the small minority, at least in America. We can see the consequences of religious entities completely exiling science and its teachings. To go along with this, throughout history science, scholars, and religion went hand in hand. Even today, the Catholic church accepts scientific teachings.

The thought that science is somehow exclusive to atheists is idiotic and bigoted. This ideology truly is as bad as the minority of religious people who preach that science and religion can not interweave. Spirituality can only be heightened by an understanding of world from a fundamental level. This then can better explain our origins and current understanding of how we see our ourselves in the world. The flip side, religion can only bring more to science. In no way does religion alter one’s perception of facts, that is simply a personal choice.


2 thoughts on “Falsifiability: The Religion vs Atheism Hypothesis

  1. I’ve had this feeling that Neil is sometimes a bonehead and one to love the camera, but he does make a great point. Nothing is set in stone, there is no reason to have to pick one and/or the other. The key to all of it, is to respect each other’s personal beliefs, whether its atheism, catholicism, or that Michael Jordan is the lord and savior; it doesn’t matter what you want you believe in, as long as you can respectful to someone else who might have a different opinion. Thats what America is about, the freedom to believe what you want. Nice job.

    Gerald Brenner


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