Sciece vs Religion

Science vs Religion is a touchy topic f0r some people. Science contradicts a lot of religious views in todays society. A clear example would be Christianity. I grew up in a Catholic household, which is a branch of Christianity. I was always taught as a child that God will always be there for you and protect you from harm, but as I grew older I soon realized that religion is something that is there to help people make it through their day and so people can believe there is something greater than themselves.    Its a great feeling when you know you have someone or something to turn to weather it be a pet, a bestfriend or a religious figure.  Science has extensive research and data that proves humans have evolved from hominids.

Today marks the 41st anniversary of the  Lucy, the oldest direct hominid related to humans. Lucy walked upright and used tools to help her with day to day tasks. Her remains were discovered in what is now modern Ethiopia. She is said to have lived 3.2 million years ago and is one of the oldest of her kind. She is estimated to have lived 800,000 years after her species first evolved.  Bipedal movement is a very human quality, and scientists recognized  immediately that Lucy could walk after studying the structure of her knees and the shape of her spine.

It is important to know where we come from as humans. Whether you religiously believe we came from somewhere else or that we are distant relatives to monkeys it is relevant to have stand on one side or the other.

Mitch Jackson



2 thoughts on “Sciece vs Religion

  1. science and religion are very interesting to me. Its funny how people take one side. Hopefully the people will work hand and hand with science and religion.

    josh bertke


  2. Science and religion are extremely interesting because it seems like people are always choosing a side. Like if you believe in evolution then you absolutely don’t believe in god. There is give in take, and I don’t think these topics are so black and white.

    Rachel Keathley


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