Science and Faith


This duality, religion or science, god vs darwin, is a false one that has given rise to a lot of ignorance and hate ever since the first scientist was burn at the stake for offering a different point of view. it is because of this false duality that one most recognize themselves as one or the other and try to fit into those holds that each character plays. Being raised in a catholic family, I grew up learning every passage of the bible and praying to God for the salvation of human kind and for and A+ in my science test. This made my mother happy and it did give me a sense of comfort for a long time. But by high school I changed and so did my beliefs. I became fascinated with science and I excelled in the topic. The more enamored I became with science, specifically biology, the further I became from the religion I was raised to believe in. This change wasn’t a rebellious act against my parents or a sad event where i lost all of faith. This felt natural to me and my parents lovingly accepted it, and i accepted their faith. they understand that science is essential and don’t ever question a topic that conflicts with their religion(e.g. evolution), instead they shift their perspective and try to blended with catholicism. Just as they respect my views, I respect theirs and I cherish their faith for that is what makes my parents happy.

It is possible for these two, science and faith, to come together and become better for one another. As the astronomer Carl Sagan says “The notion that science and spirituality are somehow mutually exclusive does a disservice to both”. All it takes is the patience to learn and the an open mind to see it from their perspective.


2 thoughts on “Science and Faith

  1. I think that it is a sign of maturity for anyone to be able to accept both sides of the spectrum. Whether or not you can agree with one or the other, both do have positive benefits and holding on the one side completely can only have a negative outcome.

    -Andrew Zacharias


  2. I’m just like you where I was raised catholic then as soon as I got into biology and science, I became so fascinated with it that it was impossible for me to believe in anything besides that. My dad is a biology teacher yet is still very catholic so it is possible for religious people to still believe that not everything in the world is controlled by God and that was a comforting fact for me.
    Molly Albright


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