Science and Religion: A Common Ground


        Last week during our lecture we discussed the relationship between religion and science and what our personal views were on the subjects. After some doing some follow up research, I came across and Tedx talk with Michael Dowd who is talking about how ‘Reality reconciles science and religion”. He brought up several ways in which our world uses and needs both science and religion to understand science, yet alone our world, itself. He discusses the history of earth and how in order to fully comprehend how things work there is a relationship between both religion and science.

            A major factor that stood out in this video was when he was discussing the extinction of dinosaurs. He said, “ You can’t understand how God or reality created complex life, if you don’t understand extinctions, you can’t understand how God or reality created the Great Lakes or soil in the northern world if you don’t understand glaciers, you can’t understand how God or reality created the periodic table of elements, planets or life, or the atoms and elements in our bodies if you don’t understand supernovas and red giant explosions, you can’t understand how God or reality created continents, and oceans, and mountains if you don’t understand plate tectonics.” This portion of the talk really stood out to me more than anything else. It really portrayed to me how science and religion obviously can have major differences but they also in some aspects go hand and hand with one another. In school, when I would learn about religion they would also be teaching me about science and the history of the world. Yes, the facts may have questioned what you learn when you read the bible but in order to understand one another you need both. Some people may not agree with the religion aspect and stick strictly to the facts which is fine, but in my world they both intertwine. 

            Although I am not a science major, I know the importance of knowing the factual information and science behind what is going on in our world. Even though I consider my religion to be an important part of who I am, it in no way, shape or form defers me from understanding the scientific issues that are occurring throughout our world today. In my personal opinion, I feel as if religion and science go hand in hand more than we think they do.


Here is the video that I watched:

Reality reconciles science and religion: Michael Dowd at Tedx


Brittany Kindberg 


5 thoughts on “Science and Religion: A Common Ground

  1. I agree. Science makes sense. Some people need to “see to believe” if you will. But how did science come about? i know thats probably going to irk some people, but God created how this world works, even with science.–my opinion.

    Olivia Triacheff


  2. Good point. Facts and science are much easier to understand, and provides proof. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having religious beliefs on “scientific topics”, strictly believe in science, or combine the two. I think some religious people possibly think that science is here to prove them/their religion wrong, which I don’t think is true. I think science and religion are just two different approaches in figuring out the world that we live in, and people find comfort in either one or both approaches, or maybe don’t think about it at all!

    Madeleine Converse


  3. Your thoughts are very similar to mine! I would agree, science exists and I would never deny proven facts by science– but so much cannot be proven and that’s where faith in God is necessary.

    Olivia Turner


  4. This post is a great example of how the tide is shifting for religion in America. More and more people in our generation are able to believe in both science and their religion, and I think this will be a big part of increased scientific literacy in our country.

    Jessica Daniels


  5. I agree. Some people are very pro science and anti religion and some are the exact opposite. I feel like a lot of young adults in this generation are able to infuse the two worlds into their own idea of something that makes the most sense to them. There is science behind every single thing that is done so it doesn’t really make sense to write off science as a contributor to existence. However spiritual and religious beliefs have been around as long as people have been around so I don’t think it right to write of religion as a contributor either. To me, they act as co-workers and I like how you incorporated that into your post.

    – Skylar Barkley –


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