Science vs. Human Values

I saw this Ted Talk a while back but I found it very relevant to what we talked about in class the other day. In this talk, Sam Harris talks about how science can answer moral questions. I started off thinking that he was probably not religious, and I still can’t depict if he is or not, but he also said later that although science can answer some moral questions, it cannot explain or answer all of them.

Harris impressed me by quoting many different religious texts and seemed to be very well educated on this subject. However, I found myself still disagreeing with him. I was raised a Christian all my life and still practice it today. Being in school has opened my eyes and questioned my faith many times but I still remain true to Christianity.weighingcreation

I believe that science can never tell you how to behave, but it can tell you how to behave when you want to. Like Sam Harris said in the video, I feel that we do indeed need a universal conception of human values, however, this can never and will never be attainable. This is due to different cultures, religions, norms and values across the globe. Every single human’s brains are changed in a huge way just from their culture.

I was on edge about when he said that there is no such thing as moral expertise because my church obviously follows a pastor. We look to the pastor to give guidance when we need it and trust that he knows the word of God better than we do, so we trust in him. He goes on to say that we all need to remember that entire cultures, whether it be millions of people or hundreds, that they can be believing in the wrong things and that those things will ultimately lead to cultural destruction.


Allison Jermer



4 thoughts on “Science vs. Human Values

  1. There can be so many things to say about the concept of human values since everyone’s culture is differing. But what I do know is people base their beliefs in a nonexistent character. It really questions be sometimes the exist of these beliefs but people are true to their word of their religion and I respect that.

    Joseph Hu


  2. Human values towards science and climate change is another area that relates back to your theme. It is funny to me that people have this guilt for all the waste we produce but still don’t do much about it collectively as a species. It is almost an awkward topic of discussion because of our values and love of easy convenient lives.

    Zach Werner


  3. Having values and believing in something greater than you can be a great way to live. It holds you to a higher standard leaving you to always strive to be a better person. I think no matter what your religion is the values are always what they truly believe is good and I see nothing wrong with that aspect. When religion is used to attempt to explain things such as climate change and evolution, that is where conflict arises.

    Ashley Stieber


  4. I’ve found that questioning your faith and challenging what you believe is just a part of life and it’s really awesome to know that through it all, the Truth still remains.

    Olivia Turner


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