science vs religion

There is and always will be the debate about science vs religion.  There will always be the argument about the world evolving around science and not that God had created it.  I, personally, am not a huge science person. I have always believed in God and never really put much thought about how science interferes with religion and the world.  I think science is a fascinating thing but when you try and investigate how science interferes with a religion it becomes less interesting to me.  Those who are on the science side, believe that the universe began from a huge explosion and there are those on the religious side who believe that God created the universe.  Then there is a side where it it studied that humans derived from an earlier species of animals, but then there is belief that God created the first man and woman, Adam and Eve.  And there is belief that the continents have been moving for millions of years and will continue to move in the future.  In science class growing up, I always believed, and still do, that humans derived from the apes and that continents do move, but not as much as others think. But there is also a big side of me that believes mainly the religious aspect of the debate. I grew up Catholic, went to both Catholic grade school and high school, and went to church every Sunday with my family.  We were always taught the religious side of this universal debate. But it is difficult when  you do learn the science aspect of it and you begin to think of how real that side seems and look at all the studies that have been going on for years and years. I like to keep science and religion separate as much as possible.  Why do scientists feel the need to interfere and make mixed beliefs on other’s religious faith? I do not see the need to be doing so and doubting others.  It is a complicated debate and I will most likely always agree on the religious aspect of it although I will believe some science studies as well.

Katie Schwettmann


2 thoughts on “science vs religion

  1. I also attended Catholic schools growing up and I can understand why it may be difficult to accept both science and religion as such strong truths in our lives. I think this is an issue for our education system in a way because the way the Bible was presented, especially the Adam and Eve story, it was as if it were 100% factual when it clearly could not possibly be true. I think teaching it this way discredited much of the religious beliefs for me personally, but I do still have an open mind and accept the possibility of a spiritual aspect in life.

    Ashley Stieber


  2. I see where your desire to keep these two separate comes from and in some way I agree with you, but I also believe its important for all children to be educated in the topics of science so that they can have a chance to love science the way that it is. I wouldn’t call it an “interference” when science says otherwise about creation, just like I don’t call it an interference when my mom prays for me or asks me to go to church with her even though I am an atheist, what else am I doing early sunday mornings? I believe in an open discussion between the two and a mutual understanding by shifting our views.


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