The changing weather

Its a very well known fact that places in the worlds climate is changing. We can see places like Africa getting hotter and having less water. This is leading to water wars in Africa that will continue to get worse. we see these facts, but some of us refuse to believe climate change is a real thing. A few reason this might be is fear. Humans are scared to admit we have a problem. Its easier to just say ill be dead before if effects me. Wrong, animals plants people and the world are all undergoing changes right now. We can see this with temperature and water levels. Another argument that can be used is, “its the planets natural cycle”. Ill be honest for awhile i agreed with this. In fact there is much evidence to agree with this. BUT if you take your time and educate yourself the world does have cycles and warming trends happen. But we have dramatically speed the cycle up.

If we want to be honest with yourself this argument people have about climate change not being real makes sense. HOW? People are paid by company’s to try to skew numbers and to argue climate change is not real. Company’s such as oil and car makes pay people to argue this. They find evidence that will make you believe this. Millions and millions of dollars have been spent doing this. We have even had court cases that had scientific evidence fighting regulations on car admissions to green house gasses.

How to fix the view of climate change? I have no idea. The people will need a real wake up to start changing dramatically. I feel this will not be to far into the future before something happens and people take this serious. You can see how people in places like the golf coast have become more “green” after a hurricane.  please try to educate people.


3 thoughts on “The changing weather

  1. Totally agree with this post. Educating people on these affects is very important so that we can attempt to make changes that will benefit the environment. I agree, sometimes it takes a huge event such as a hurricane to change which is devastating.

    Brittany Kindberg


  2. With education comes discussion and both of these are essential to changing the trajectory we are heading to. we must not be afraid to talk about the bad, if we keep ignoring it, it leads to worse and that we can’t afford.

    Nora Soto


  3. Love the comic, I think this is a huge part of why environmental science isn’t always recognized as a legitimate field in our society. A lot of people still see environmentalists as alarmist hippies.


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