Final Post

I have always enjoyed learning about our world and the different ways people on Earth work/ communicate. This class has opened my eyes to the “Norms” of people. I’ve always had an idea about what this means, however since we really went into detail in this class, I feel like I have an even better understanding.

When we talked about the environment, I always though “Nature”. I also learned that your environment doesn’t necessarily mean nature but your surrounding area. I have always been very intrigued by nature, but even more so now. I do my best to inform others of ways to keep Earth happy and healthy. I find that when I take walks in the park, it is just so calming to be out in nature. I want to do everything I can to preserve that.

I have enjoyed this class and everything that has been taught. I feel I have not only furthered the information that I already knew, but also learned new things that are beneficial to my everyday life.

Haley Wright



Honestly, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this course. I’ve always been skeptical of Communications, but this was probably my favorite class of the semester. I actually learned a lot, instead of just being fed information I’ve heard before.

More than anything, this class changed my perspective on what people value and how we use communications to understand difficult concepts. I’ve never had a professor suggest that humans might not be the most important creatures on Earth before, but topics like that got me thinking about concepts that most people (myself included) usually take for granted.

Even though I’m an environmental studies major, I enjoyed the health section of the semester just as much. That’s probably because I also discovered that learning about how to communicate health issues is something that everyone could benefit from learning — not just specific majors.

Also, this is the only class where I can say I enjoyed reading the texts… I probably would have read both of them without being assigned, especially Corbett.

Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about the class. It’s classes like these that make me feel like I’m in the right major.

Jessica Daniels

Final Thoughts

This class opened my eyes to not only some new issues (Bhopal), but also it shed light on to the ways we communicate about these issues and how that affects the way people perceive them. It’s not just that people are unaware of issues, but the bigger issue is that most people don’t understand the issues. Furthermore, communication is key to making change and the form of communication chosen dictates how people will perceive the information.

In this last case study, I realized how much power communication has. I was persuaded by the posters my partner and I were making and even though they were our words, I was extremely impacted by our creations.

Overall, this class has changed the way I think. I always looked at commercials and thought that what they said was completely bogus, but I didn’t realize we are surrounded by advertisements and messages, I mean we are completely emerged in this stuff. Communication skills not only allow me to interpret messages accordingly and evaluate their level of truth, but it also allows me to communicate with others, which I believe is essential to success. Communication is power, and it is a power that we can use to make change.

Rachel Keathley


I truly learned a great deal from this class. going into this class as a science major I felt that I may have had a lot of scientific knowledge but may have not been able to convey it to a non science major. This class helped to refine my communication skills and thus helped me to better convey and portray scientific knowledge to other people. this class also helped me learn about events that may not be talked about int the media like the different socioeconomic burdens put on the poor or how green-washing effects most adds. Overall I learned a lot from this course and it definitively helped to develop my communication skills.

Aras Klimas

Final Blog

I was not sure what to expect out of this course. I’m an environmental studies major and took this class because it counted as an elective and it seemed very interesting to me. Everything that we learned was so interesting to me and I found my self leaving class mind blown a couple of times.

I think one thing I definitely took away from this class is that everything you do affects the rest of the world. That seems rather simple but I think it’s really important. We can’t just go about our lives with zero regard for anything else. I also learned a lot about communication. I have never taken a communication course before and after taking this class I think I want to minor in communications. I enjoyed learning about different methods of communication and how so many things in the world are manipulated and twisted to how a company wants to present the information.

Most importantly I enjoyed being in a class full of people who are passionate about the world and the environment. This class made me think about things in ways that I have never thought about them before. This post seems really vague but I feel like I learned so much that I don’t even know what to say!

Lets change the world people


Megan DeBanto


Ove the course of the last semester I have learned a decent amount about our health and our environment. I had no idea how important communication about these subjects, from things like greenwashin to speaking to our physcians about our health. I never really thought of the specifics of our health, I just thought of it as a broad term for whether or not we are sick. However most of that has changed and I look at our environment and our health in a whole new perspective.


Ben Brookhart

Final Thoughts

When I first signed up for this class, I wasn’t sure what to expect at all. I had never taken a communications class and at first, I was a little disappointed I couldn’t take another elective in the science department as an environmental studies major.

Upon coming to class, I was really intrigued by the topics we discussed and found it to be the most interesting class I’ve taken at UC so far because it’s more engaging and discussion-based than my other courses. It opened my eyes to issues within the health and science fields, as well as changed my outlook on the way environmentalism is communicated through media. I learned that a lot of green advertising can be found everywhere you look, and that a lot of it can be washed up or hollow.

I think the most interesting section of the course was the health portion. It really opened my eyes to the varying situations of people that can restrict them from finding adequate attention for their health.

Thanks to this class I feel I have a better understanding of the ways people communicate about several subjects and I’m glad to have taken it.

Diana Bolton