Final Thoughts

During this course, I have learned quite a bit more about how information is presented to the general public and the way that the public perceives this information. I am much more aware of the different types of communication methods advertisers use to promote their products and plan on being much more critical when it comes to making a decision to be a consumer. Also many times the same health issue can be seen with different severity based on the particular situation a person may find themselves. A particular group of people may care very little about a health problem that is affecting another group simply because they are isolated from the issue. This seems to be a common trend amongst controversial issues, ranging from health care to climate change, that if people are not immediately affected by something, they are often not willing to do anything to remediate the issue. This class also helped me realize how closely health and environment issues are related, and that in some cases issues in one of the areas can quickly become an issue in both fields. Regardless of the issue, communication coming from an accurate and reliable source is the best way to address the problem at hand. It is utterly impossible to fix a problem if no one knows what the problem is, or what is causing the harm. Once a potential solution is apparent, then it is key to communicate the best way to solve the problem across the widest range possible to help ensure that a positive change will actually occur. I really enjoyed this class and it gave me more insight on what is going on, not just in our country, but around the world as well.

John Casnellie


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