Health Motive

This specific course has given me the opportunity to learn more about what is around us and what greatly impacts our health. The ways of how health and the environment are communicated to others influences people’s health. This class has helped me become aware of issues around our world that affect our health such as framing effect and greenwashing advertising. I have had a better understanding of health risks and how I respond to cues whether they are rewarding or punishment cues. How health is communicated is very important because it greatly influences how I can improve my health and be aware of what is harmful to my health. I have also realized how important the environment is because it impacts how I treat the environment and how much I appreciate its nature and beauty. Overall, this class has helped me gain more knowledge in how health is communicated and has taught me ways to point out the hidden harmful messages advertisements secretly reveal. Everything we have learned within this class impacts what goes around my daily life because all of the concepts we learned are relatable to my health. Understanding health communication and the environment has improved my health lifestyle.

Katerina Sese


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