So What?

I took this course to cover required electives, but it has been one of the best classes as a college student. The topics that we covered in class were eye opening. I often found myself doing extra research on certain matters that weren’t required, but the information was relevant. I have a new appreciation for the art of communication and the messages that can be conveyed by the speaker.

I found that this class has made me question many things that are shown by the media and advertisers. When I watch TV and see an ad for medicine, I think about the legality of the message. This class has made me be more vocal with my opinions pertaining to controversial topics. I think the class has made me think twice about the things I do that leave an environmental impact. Overall this class has just made me think about our society and question the information that is given. I’ve shared my finding with my parents and friends because I think this class has the potential to make a difference in the masses.


Jessica Hofelich


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