This course has provided me with quite an array of take-aways. Not being an Environmental Science major (or any science major at that), means I am not as aware of all the issues this world is facing scientifically. I have learned about situations that I previously had never heard of, like the one in Bhopal. I have a better understanding of the climate and the effects of carbon & even my own carbon footprint. The knowledge I gained has been applied to my daily life more than I recognized originally. I noticed I am more concerned about plastic and the use of certain materials. I feel guilty wasting water (dripping from the broken faucet) and keeping electronics plugged in when not in use. I even have kept my broken, but still functioning, iPhone because I  see the mass waste that this country creates and I do not want to contribute so much to the demise of our earth. On top of the environmental awareness, I have taken much from the health section of the course. I see the need to talk about issues and health situations. I see a greater need for awareness, even if its just personal. Overall I enjoyed the course because I enjoy gaining applicable knowledge.


Olivia Turner


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