What I got out of this course

I am a Biology major with plans of somehow working in the public health, so going into this course I had a good amount of background with the topics discussed in the first half of the semester. When we started discussing advertising and environmental topics though, I was pushed to really think of my habits and the crazy way we justify certain actions, like capturing wild animals from their natural habitats to put them on display in cages. And the way advertising is done to make us feel like we are making better environmental choices by choosing their product, but we are not; an example that stuck out from class was hybrid cars, each individual car is less harmful to the environment compared to others, but more cars are now sold so the benefits are canceled out. People know a change has to be made to preserve the world we are currently living in but as a society we are reluctant to make any changes that threat the way of life we are accustomed to; an example of this is that because we like to have some distance between our homes and work many of has own cars to transport ourselves to and from instead of deciding to live in the city where we could take public transportation or walk. During this portion of the semester I realized we live in a world with copious amounts of information at our finger tips, but if it pushes us out of our comfort zone we try and ignore it.

Louise Hyneman


One thought on “What I got out of this course

  1. I agree with what you’re saying about increased awareness. It’s so easy to let what we see fall into the background. But, if we look a little closer there is a whole lot more being conveyed. I believe this class conveyed to us to look beyond what you see.

    Austin Boland


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