Even though verbal communication is only 7 % of a regular monologue or dialogue it has a crucial part on the comprehension. Most people want to hear to believe and pay attention to a verbal announcement rather than a visual one standing by itself. The big picture in this class was about how important commutation can be, and how the lack of it can bring a great trouble. If we do not communicate present and future issues some day it will be too late to resolve them.

Let’s take the Global Warming, for example. Everyone has heard of it, either in class or on in some science fiction movie. How many of those people are actually doing something about it? Are less and less people driving smaller cars or even car pooling? My be if this global issue is communicated better there would be a positive effect.

We are constantly exposed to some sort of communication: TV, radio, social media. There are resources out there which can be used to present problems and solutions to the public. Unfortunately the media has a different point of view, the less we know about a problem, the better. Its goal it is to broadcast commercials that get stuck in our heads and subconsciously  make us buy products which we do not need. If we communicate better, our offsprings will have a better future.

Tsvetelina Georgiev


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