Looking Back


I think that this class has impacted my life beyond the classroom because I find myself thinking more critically about certain health and environmental related issues that I come across in my everyday life. Not only that, but how to tear apart communication messages that we are constantly bombarded with. Sitting in class on the first day, I wasn’t sure if this was going to be one of those classes that I had to force myself to go to every week. It certainly wasn’t, and I enjoyed being in a class that was so well thought out. I think that it was important how the professor really made an effort to engage everyone in class, whether it be through having us comment on blogs or discussions in class. The biggest takeaway for me is knowing how important it is to be an educated member of society, especially after learning about how disconnected much of the world is to important issues in our world. I’ve learned a lot and am glad to have chosen this class.

Colleen Crawford


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