Take Aways

Going into this class as an Exploratory studies student and having absolutely no idea what major or career path I was going to take, definitely helped me keep an open mind throughout the course. I now, am more aware of how information is presented to the general public and I understand why it is presented how it is. I also am more interested in the current health news around the world. It is so important that we keep up with this especially as students, this is our future and we need to be aware of it.

I really enjoyed watching the documentaries and advertisements in class because this gave me a visual of what we were actually learning in class. It is one thing to read something from a powerpoint but to actually see it in action is another. The documentary about Bhopal really hit hard for me. I’m so surprised that I have never learned about this in any of my classes in the past. It was a really big deal and just shows how environmental news gets pushed to the side and forgotten about so easily.

I can take away a lot from this course especially the consumer advertisement awareness. This is something we are faced with everyday. It really surprised me how many advertisements we see in one day, 500 to 2,000 but only a certain number actually register in our brains. Now that I am aware of their tricks to get people to buy their products I will not fall for them like I have done in the past. It also forces me to do more research on the products that are already out there to see if they are true to their word.

  • Gabby Hirlinger

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