Final Blog

As a Comm major with an interest in Environmental Science, I knew this class would not only meet my academic standards, but also spark my personal interest in the world of health and environment, and how this is information is presented to the general public.  While in the beginning of the semester, I knew I had already enrolled in Environmental Comm.  I hoped I hadn’t made a mistake in enrolling in another Environmental Comm class.  Fortunately, my decision was a practical one, where as this class focused on the presentation of information of health and science, where as environmental comm focused on ideologies and ideas that select groups thought about certain issues like climate change, using the earth as a consumable resource, etc.  The information and knowledge I have gained from this class will be beneficial to me as I continue my Communication studies, and also my studies of Environmental Science.  I am happy I took this class and was impressed with the amount of ambission that Professor Sastry put into his lectures.

Samuel Souders



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