Final Class Blog

I signed up for this class thinking it would be a little more health-based, and it definitely was, but not as much as environmentally based. I loved talking about public health but I soon found out that I enjoyed talking about the environment as well. I live somewhere where no one recycles and everyone drives those big trucks that burn up 1000 pounds of fossil fuels per minute. After hearing about all of the negative impacts that things like that have on our health, I have worked on implementing these things into my life. Things such as recycling, composting and reusing are things that I have been working on recently and I plan to keep buying locally and purchasing from local food markets like I have been. I really liked learning about Chipotle and all about where our food actually comes from because I feel like people need to know about it.

I thought that the midterm was a little difficult because I felt like I studied A LOT. I read all of the chapters and I never missed a class, but I still struggled. I liked that the professor tried to include our observations and opinions and that it wasn’t just lecture all the time. I also loved the use of videos and recent advertising because it helped connect what we were learning to the real world. The case studies were difficult, but I did learn from them. I especially liked the second case study because I feel like it focuses more on the public relations and communication aspects of this class and I learned a lot about something that I had no clue even took place.

I’m thankful that I took this class because it has opened my eyes to so many things and these are things that could help everyone in the long run.


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