Final Thoughts

This class opened my eyes to not only some new issues (Bhopal), but also it shed light on to the ways we communicate about these issues and how that affects the way people perceive them. It’s not just that people are unaware of issues, but the bigger issue is that most people don’t understand the issues. Furthermore, communication is key to making change and the form of communication chosen dictates how people will perceive the information.

In this last case study, I realized how much power communication has. I was persuaded by the posters my partner and I were making and even though they were our words, I was extremely impacted by our creations.

Overall, this class has changed the way I think. I always looked at commercials and thought that what they said was completely bogus, but I didn’t realize we are surrounded by advertisements and messages, I mean we are completely emerged in this stuff. Communication skills not only allow me to interpret messages accordingly and evaluate their level of truth, but it also allows me to communicate with others, which I believe is essential to success. Communication is power, and it is a power that we can use to make change.

Rachel Keathley


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