As an Environmental Studies major, I picked this class mostly because of the word “Environment” right there in the title. However, since this also included health, science, and communication all in one class, I did not exactly know what to expect. Immediately, we began discussing the many issues that are dealt with in today’s society while also thinking critically about things that might be overlooked, such as advertising campaigns, food deserts, poverty, greenwashing, and how healthcare relates to socioeconomic status. These are all things that more people should be aware of. Immediately I liked how engaging the class was, since Dr. Sastry made it very easy to participate in class discussions and also on the class blog. Overall, I really enjoyed the variety of topics that were discussed in class this semester. I realized how people use communication in every aspects of our lives, and how important it is in the fields of healthcare, science, and the environment.

-Ben Haynes-


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