When I first signed up for this course I assumed we would  just be learning about health like all the other course I took in high school entirely overlooking the fact that it was under the communications section. When I read the syllabus the first time I was nervous at the sight of how many blogs we had to compete by the end of the year. In high school our blogs was a lot more restrictive on how we voiced our views. From then on in high school I have become to hate blogging.  But after the first couple weeks I adapted to this new section of health. That I have never known was such a big section and a major part of Health. I feel this class will help me in my field as a surgeon.

In my field I am going have to be able to communicate to a lot of people that vary in ages, ethnicity, and education. I feel this class has prepared in the way too present facts to them so they will leave feeling educated and understanding the problem clearly.  It has shown that if I’m talking to a person around my age to use stories and other sources that will affect their feelings. But if I am talking to a person of an older age to present them with facts, which they like to hear facts more than stories in most cases. Also that to communicate health to another person you have to understand the culture before jumping to any conclusions.

In conclusions I am glad that I took this course even though it was not what I expected at all. It has left me feeling more confident in my field and the path I want to take. This course has definitely made me more prepared for working in the health field. Also I have a different view on blogging. I would definitely recommend this course to another person entering the health field.

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